From the recording Stars Spell Devils Cartel

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That lil light of yours
I going to make it mine
And this lil light of mine
I’m going to make it shine
I want to feel like
That this is real
And that if you leave
You will be back and
I want to feel you right here beside me
Because I love you
And you adore me
And I do love you
I keep walking round
With my eyes wide shut
Searching for my way
Path thru the crowds
I don’t understand
Why you do what you do
Never felt like this
Like this about you
And no not you
And no not you
And no not you
My head is spinning round
I don’t know what to do
Another day of history and mystery
With you
If you were to leave
Would you be back someday
Or would you be the one that I let
Let slip away
I want to feel like that this is love
And that if we fall out
Then we will all fall down
I want to know that there is time for
Us to move closer
Then push it further
Then move it deeper
Do you still remember
All the rules to this game
You cant lie, cheat, ever place blame
But you can do what you do
And say what you say
If in the end, together, forever, we stay
Hey, Hey
I’m getting closer now
To the final heart-ache
Getting closer now
To the end of this state
Still holding on though
Tough as it is
Hoping you can be
The lover that I knew that I know
I can see it you and me together forever
I can see it here and now forever together
I want to fell you
Kisses upon me
The love and the passion
All over my body
And I want to know that
If issues arise that
They will become like
The nothing that stops us
And I want to feel you
Right here before me
None where so sheltered
As you here beside me
And I stand before you
Till they all fall down