From the recording Stars Spell Devils Cartel

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Whats it like to be with you
Whats it like to do all that you do
What it like to be
Taking the stage
With a devill'ish artist like you
As I turned around
A vision caught my eye
I felt a distant exacting touch
Polished with intent
Moments they pass by
As I count yet another glance
The echoes in my head
I want what it is your give
So what's it like to be with you
What it like to do bo all that you do
Whats it like to be wondering the world
With a fine ass lover like you
I cant deny this
Me thinks I’ve fallen hard
Your the kind that makes me
Want to write a tale
Where cupid and psyche play
And In the morning when we wake
If we see thru the myth
We can take each other
Straight to the alter baby
Odd I could feel this way
So whats to be your plus
The dashing duo minus the fuss
Whats it like to be
Soaring threw the crowds
With a fine super hero like you
Now I have never ever seen
Life with a spirit so free
You make the world your ride
Give faith a new stride
Help me unravel my day
Ill sweep you from your feet
Ill hold out for your trust
Ill give to you my best-est
Here take my everything
And whats like to be your mix
My lady I’m a trap for your kiss
So whats it like to be dodging the pound
With a fine ass pup like you
No I cant complain and I do declare
The seven wonders of my world are
Your head down to your toes
So I want to hold you tight
Put you up on a pedestal
And never ever in this life be
Less then every little thing you need
So whats it like to be with you
And whats it like to do all that you do
And what it like to be
Spending the night
For the rest of my life with you