1. The Lord Star

From the recording Stars Spell Devils Cartel

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I know I'll be returned
Sound of inner space alone
My heart goes boom sweet obsession
I'm for a new world
Lounge inc then reemerge
Love survives the soul sum nation
Club setting the bad boy bassist
Missing you forgotten ages
Sexy sexy revaluation girl
Weekend sunshine
Buddhist love
There is a star of fine persuasion
Mixing euphoric fantasies
Universe the cool breeze
Illicit dreams we touched the sky
A time will tell type friend to me
Your a blueberry teased
One day in later just phobic fever
Forever tainted was the urban lover
Inside it all, all I had to offer
A trance-aholics seventh fury
Never did the lord stars die
Inner needs just close your eyes
And I will take you further
Further from away
Into the sky's I penetrate her
Fate and fury is the honest lie
Sick day core this feels less heaven
Without the Hard style tracks
and liquid notes
Say is God Fuck
And fucketh you do
Eruption whirl wind
No broken smiles
Beneath this surface
Is a deep bass
Star Spell Devils Cartel
Angels spit the wrath book back
The pain of death i never win
With synaptic grounding frequencies
Mad mad world with one memento
Girl come come with me
Re-evolution hard style
Banshee moans are just enough
Super psychic epic dawn
Over driven the scion
Collective chaos and i love you
Cradle freedom the free fall refuge
Close your eyes now z factor
Sub confusion Zeus the complex
Not just apocalyptic
This is my lullaby
Part two my last temptation
Seduce me sound freak
Take me higher
Sweet dreams
Empathic phrase
Pillows of a tender stage
Slick sweet banger sisters
Make me say the damnedest things
Of sparkling heavens and cosmic storms
I can reach you electro-dub