From the recording Stars Spell Devils Cartel

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You are what you think
Nigger, Spic, Jew, Kike,
You are what you know
Dyke, Gook,
Cracker, Vato, Packi,
You are how you live
You are how you grow
Chinq, Bindi, Coon,
You are what you say
So Best say it all
Gook, Wop, Fag, God
Hey now you know
Finally all this wit comes out
Doesn't mean i'm a hero
Sorry for the psychosis joke
Been feeling a little dreamer
Took a real story now
To mind me of those demons
But every genius twice as nice
With this twist of reason
Stomp twice three on the floor
Cant understand it
Without that fight
Finding life templed
But no more dreams
Of the world wide web dot time
Mild ride was this life's spiral
Wont stop till I'm hemmed undone
Doesn’t mean my soul design
Wasn’t in their circles
Striking the fire beneath those wheels
Writers ink an image of cometh
Eyes slare you spilt the dreams
Fuck your kingdoms
Fuck those liars
I am just for the bleeding
There is a reason why
There is a laughter into hatred
This place is just dreams always
Woofy receiver just bass me up
Beats Beats Beats
The Beats contain a sudden turn
Truth were in a chaotic rapture
Woofy receiver just bass me up
No body knows no body knows me
Watched a candle burning the wind
Thumb to mid and iv crossed her twice
My eyes on Ra with a soul imprint
This wise prince on the pavement
Suddenly a hey whats up
Was that there from your lips my words
Bet on it a hard core proceed
Sim cities got the lights
and I ate your fuzz
Over the beat and under the ruin
Found a touch not my doing
Victim of this circumstance
Bouncing through my mind
I'm dowsing the fires upon the hills
Writers Ink
There;s an image of wanteth
Eye slayer
You tempered these schemes
Leading my heart
Through the kingdom of lovers
I am just for the sheeple
Three reasons why
All the laughter into hatred
Heavenly space
Is just dreams always
Woofy receiver
Just bass me down now
Stars Spell Devils Cartel
Angels spit the wrath book back
Pain of death I never win
With Synaptic grounding frequencies
Mad Mad world with one memento
Girl come come with me
Re-evolution hard style
Banshee moans are not enough
To Strike a fire beneath the wheels
Writers Ink an image of cometh
Eyes slare you spilt these dreams
Eat this king if god made of liars
I am just for the bleeding
There is why in reason my laughter into hatred
This place is just for dreams all ways
Woofy receiver just
Bass me all around now
Till I find my crowd now