1. Jaded

From the recording Stars Spell Devils Cartel

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Life’s asking how I feel
Life’s telling me to deal
Life’s asking for replies
Life this isn’t real
Come look up at this statue on the hill
Can you see the vision now
Or is it some what shot
Take another look
This isn’t what it is you thought
Can you see I'm jaded
Corroded from concept
Every time I looked at you
I saw your battered soul
Makes me sort of envious
To see how well you deal
Wish I could be more like that
I wish I had that spell
But if I did I know Id
Need their souls to sell
So why are you still standing there
Acting like a saint
We all know your tainted
Just better at display
And why are you still standing there
Banting at my tact
We all know the victim
Shes standing in decay
So Why don’t you deal
With the way that I feel
And why cant you explain
Why this shit just isn’t the real
And why is it my day dreams
Resound about the universe
Is it that I doubled down
Every soul you ever stole
You think that I'm good
Yeah I think your great
Lets skip well thru the chase
I think that your special
and I think you might be fun
You could be the want is their perfect fate
Glad there’s something better in my eyes
Proud to be the ruler of your sky’s
Hope you understand this pleasant state
I’m the first to be impressed with great
Suddenly were everywhere
Suddenly were so damned fine
Suddenly were everything
That impostors well could impend
Suddenly were like this
Oh yes and were like that
Suddenly my nuts
Appear in every act