1. Iron Knee

From the recording Stars Spell Devils Cartel

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Welcome to the irony
I've been what I wanted to be
All those places
Waiting for here again
I didn't want to be as you have known
I didn't want to take one tenth the degree
I didn't want to take from the taste
The bitter side of Idol hands AC'd into here touch a drone
Who would want a still heart beat
Put evil in I've lived
No love with out the revelations The dream a little dream
No retinue, No exodus
No life of endless time warps
Know if you want to temper mine
Take the trigger blow your mind
See my life is always and forever in this smile
I will never ever leave it
My beginning to my ending
I will stand like this forever
So long as every wording
My love is for that I am and into that I'm wanting
In the end of times as martyrs start to fall my love
At some slight of hand as darkness is to light
There is no more fear
No more pain
No more tears for you I've cried Oh that twisted spiders web
It got to be too much
Now I turn the other cheek
While you find your rush
Truth is like water into wine
Every one wants within the breath of life
But learning how to drink it
A finely worded flesh
Cant steal a single temple
Else every ounce twice removed
Its an evil that's the promise land
To hear not, Not see, Speak not
With the face Of death
But find a fight with just one witness
That Blinds the eyes till all are binded
And in that still you swore you knew me
St. Even silent right then you kill me
With thou shall not be an others wrath
Thou shall not steal the hand away
Thou shall not be that lessened
So distant from here its their say
Thou shall not mold free to clay
Thou shall not force eyes to stray
Thou shall not be found as light
nor reign
Idolize none who stole the soul away
From the moment of Ill win
If not one I knew your stare
A tale of bitter pain within
In it a self of never cared
Heard so many things of promised
Its the heart breaker
But nothing is till the beat is self
And in that the tone of loved
Didn't want to be it all
Didn't want be world renowned No wait
Rumble out a world quake
Parish some to hell
To see or not to be
I bet their faith will break
Into pieces, Into places,
Into rushes
That they wished for