From the recording Stars Spell Devils Cartel

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Standing here half way awake
Acting like a novelty
Thinnest line ever writ
Another page in history
Slit your wrists then your throat
You could be dead
Standing here half way away
Acting like a novelty
Thinnest line ever writ
Another page in history
But lick the wounds
Taste the salt
To hell with irony
No one can be just standing here
Stand with a sword and know what to do
Taking a life without thinking of you
You entered my flesh searing my mind
Making me angered I had fallen behind
So I dropped to my knees
And cried for your praise
God how you damned me to never feel pain
Hard as they get cause harder they fall
Setting me up to take on them all
I wondered you valleys nothing but twists
Feeling the pain of the millions I've missed
Talking to the strangers of far distant seas
Arguing the reason why we must be freed
Why we must be free
Still as I stand here my sword not a tear
The drops from my eyes
all blood shot no fear
Over the crowds I have never seen
Knowing my part was all just a dream
Seeing the present as if it where the past
OMG god what a blast
And this oasis of beautiful places
With knowing true friends
Always showed their true faces
Is it still true oneness
Always stands with truths graces
Still I wonder if the keeper of the dreams
Is in praise for the people
Of a limitless means
Because again on our honor
We'll be weighing our heart
Weighing the heart be lost if not one
Our hard be lost if not one
Evening thru dawn be lost if not won
These wars of the worlds
I hope their the last
My hope for the best
In defeating all odds
A blessing of greatness
From the house of the Gods