From the recording Stars Spell Devils Cartel

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Despite all my brilliance
I'm only able to succeed
On a level comparable
To that of a half wits luck
Hmmm, Hmmmm, Hmmmm
What a lucky day for me
We can be the Pi's
Strolling on the Zedi's
Hunting down the next
Of the demon agent sees me
A hard core mentality
Nothing gets past me
My soul is irony
The only wizardry of me
I’ve found myself lacking the emotion
Discovered that self was voided of the faith
Then to find my damning you
Emptied of the colors
While Proverbial rainbows
Knelt down for this shelter
And They Kept stepping back
Missing what was thrill
Standing on this reason
That truth isn’t whats real
Hey, Hey, Whats real?
Its Day vs night
Voiced into my bed
We're Green peacing baby
But life’s all sorts of
They don’t even think
How wisdom is blind
Preaching here take this lantern
Its the light of my eye
Wondering what of the past
Into some sorta forget
Yelling help in their head
As if never woke up to alive
With some hidden promise to
Take it all back
If the some hidden savior would just
Take it all away
Even told that forever
The great nothing is a haunt
Perhaps in that’s the darkness
That burns them inside
Ans I still fucking love you
Even when your not alive
Just another doctrine
That bulls them inside
Hang that fucking suite tie
Sip that that mi-tie
Wait for the DJ to freely legendize
Love to go down under
Fists of thunder
Ripping down the ones
Who covet their enemies
Their enemies to me
Thine mind of inner PEACE!