From the recording Stars Spell Devils Cartel

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I can feel your heart its beating
Pounding just like a drum
Invitation to conversation
Can I be the one
Lye me down I’m falling fast
Your so hot my knees get weak
Kiss me now don’t even think to speak
Yeah baby you you could be right
Please baby please don’t think to fight
Yeah baby we we could be tight
So please baby please say its me tonight
I can feel your heart its beating
Pounding like a drum
Your starting to take over
Your ready to...
Take your hand now and place it on my chest
Can you feel my heart its beating
Pounding like a drum
Ill be the felt that’s under your feet
Ill be the hope that’s after your praise
Ill be the one who tickles you goodnight
Come on baby don’t be phased
We can always hang
Mind if I touch you there
Oh that wasn’t the fair
Your doing things to me
No ones aloud to do
Soaring thru my mind
Like an eagle in the wind
Mind if I tempt a tickle
I speak in the tongues of the sun
Everything were doing babe
All the games we play
Its all good
Because we need this anyway
Everything were saying honey
All the lines we use
Its alright because we want this anyway
Everything were feeling sweets
All the nights you stay
Its all good because we need this anyway
I can taste your body baby
Salty on my tongue
Thanks for the kiss
Now lets have a little fun
Take me home
Take off my cloths
Ill get you all wet
And if its truly good
You could even make me sweat
Have I told you everything
That you want to hear
Did it make a difference
When I whispered in your ear
You can be my little pleasure
Ill be your perfect choice
Come on babe are you
ready to...
About to find out whose
Destined for tops
Look at those Aces
Jacking them Kings
Long before your fathers
Of forefathers thought
I was the one connecting the dots
And long after that bro of that bros
Been breed
Ill be the one
Still ready to pop
Not because I'm dirty
Not because I'm clean
But because i can tap that ass
Behind a magazine
Lean Mean
A bonding of our souls
To reach
Our Common Goals