1. Chuck A Duck

From the recording Stars Spell Devils Cartel

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Sorry but
Your haunting siren song
Is starting to make me itch
Lets go down to the beach
And lay back in the sun shine
We can have a picnic
A party for two
If it gets to hot
We'll play naked in the water
Pout your lips upon
Do what only you can do
You can duel it
Don't call me sweety honey
Yeah I see the ducks
If it about your hunger baby
I don't give a fuck
Acting like you love me
And all you wants my want
Yet when I turn around
Your pacing the bro with the bigger blunt
Saying yeah lets cuddle
Green light all the way
Then r4olling over acting
Like you worked a solid day
In my life I've never known
A certain sorta witch
Green with envy
Acting ham
Yeah your siren song really is the shit
All I ever wanted was to find someone
Some who would love me
Hold me tightly through the darkness
Make me feel alright
Instead pain and sorrow are deep in my heart
As you play the errors of my life
Like your the fucking light
Painting on my stripes
Like SAM in the can I am
Adding nutty butter to this simple jam
Going through my billfold like you'll repay the debt
I keep coming up empty
Every twist of fate
Looking through my ties
Like which noose fits me best
Still brought you out here for another shitty date
Bleach blonde kindling
Yeah I've had the thought
But why ask why if the answers why not
Going going gone now baby
Fucked me running into tears
Harder than all the queers I have ever known
Bent prezzeled and backwards baby
More pleasant than your twists
Of lies and lie for you
Yeah its still my turn
To bitch and fucking moan
Think I got this
Think I
Think I got this now
I looked into your eyes
Saw the reflection of our best
A rational me
They may call me picky now
But I wont tell a lie
I didn't see a somber tear
As she left with some traveling evangelistic guy
Jesus saves
Like a locket in your pocket
But you weren't that cleaver
Didn't have a clue
How to keep us together
Your Dropped me on the street
Bending for a quarter
You didn't think id notice
The bands swapped
You claimed cleaned by the jeweler
I asked him
He said he didn't work those rings
But had a good time with your others
Guess you had a different idea
Of whose family jewels to buff
Ah ha Ah ha
Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
If you look into these eyes and see a fucking zoo
Well you can take a hike cause this love ain't meant for you
Cause all I ever tried to do
Was show you I could be the one
Who could love you always and be so much fun
So if you look into these eyes and see more than I
I guess the reflection just wasn't true love
Just wasn't true love
True Love
Don't make you Chuck a Duck
As for people under the stares
I may have rolled some dice
But for people under the stairs
You lied now lie in lye
Ah ha Ah ha
Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha