1. Center Sound

From the recording Stars Spell Devils Cartel

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Mmm un-dead
I have amended me
Mmm un dead
I have amended me
Mmm undead

I know time you cant find
Any reason for mistrusting truth
Lacking the emotions of the centered sound
Finding the impassioned primal house
I bet that you
Would really like to take me
Down to the floor
As I’ve entered the room
Talking that you’ve
Got the world to roll me
And in your light
I will want for more
Need for more
Prey for more
These Carnal passions
Immortal words
Black binded wisdoms
And I’m feeling their worst
Take me for granted
Just leave them betrayed
I’m always getting this
Award winning head from you
Into the blindness
Where no one finds the witness
You cant deny
All just for lust
Tripping on nightshade
Tempting with the fatals
Journey forever into fighting the end
Writing descended
I have amended me
Don’t ever take me
Away from the night
This pleasant fortress
Wont break at that height
Mighty magicians
World renowned muses
Ill learn the lessons
Before I have died again
I have amended me undead